Thursday, January 13, 2005

Hello Operator

I work in customer service. It takes a certain type of personality to survive in the world of customer service. I am not that type of personality.

I suppose that the only reason I'm still employed in this profession is that the service that I provide is to customers via the telephone. If I were face to face with these individuals, I would have been relieved of my duties long ago. For example, once you place someone on hold, they can't hear you scream "Fuck you mother fucker!" at the top of your lungs. It doesn't quite work the same way if you're face to face with the consumer.

I suppose you could say that I work in a call center. Of course, I have a fancy title: "Senior Coordinator". Ooooh...are you intimidated yet? You should be. Of course, all title and no extra moolah makes Madison a very unhappy individual.

But I digress. I suppose the whole point of this post is do NOT purchase a house unless you have some money saved up. Otherwise, you'll be stuck in a career you hate for the rest of your life trying to pay it off.

Oh, yeah, and you'll also be dodging phone calls from AMEX and Capital One, and you'll be really embarrassed when GAWTIRPATBATTOOSB* tries to call you at home and gets a "temporarily disconnected" message. AND you have to face him at work on top of that.

But there is a bright side. The other day, when I saw GAWTIRPATBATTOOSB* in full sunlight in the parking lot for the first time, I noticed a big hairy mole on his neck. This was the final straw when it came to his various mental and physical deformities; something I totally could not get past.

So all in all...being in debt is a blessing. If by blessing you mean, drinking and dying debt....

(*see Hazel pt. 2 post)


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