Saturday, February 05, 2005

Puppy For Sale

Does anyone want a puppy? I mean, seriously, I will admit my human weakness and I bought a puppy and was in NO WAY ready to be a puppy-owner.

I mean, come on. His name is Puppy. What does that tell you about how NOT ready I was to be a dog owner? I couldn't even name him.

I love him desperately, and it will pain me to see him go, but it will be the best decision for both of us if I can find a single, middle-aged woman with no kids, and no other pets, and no life, who is in need of a companion. Hell, he even has papers. Full bred Pomeranian (even though he is bigger and fatter than the normal Pom, I won't lie to you like I was lied to).

I feel like an utter failure, weak and depressed and lacking in soul and spirit. I made the commitment to take care of another living creature, and I can't follow through with it. Thank god it's not a kid. Even though...I feel that Puppylicious is my child and I have failed him. He would just be happier with someone who was a dog person.

And don't bother to send me hate email about this. I already feel bad enough. I'm a complete failure as a care-taker...Discuss...among yourselves, of course.


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